Bagatelle Dubai Policies

Table Re-booking Times
Our tables are in high demand, so to satisfy your desires we have two sittings a night. Our guests enjoy a wonderful dining experience in one and a half hours, so we allow two hours between each sitting.
When you're booked on the first sitting, please bear in mind that there will be guests booked after you. Our second sitting starts from 10pm and you're most welcome to remain at your table for rest of the evening.

Changes and Cancellations
We'd be so disappointed if you can't make it, but if you must cancel please give us a call.
Please try not to cancel late, mon cher. If you cancel after 3 pm on the day, we call it a Late Cancellation. And for tables of 5 people or more Late Cancellations are unfortunately charged at AED150 per person.
And please don't stand us up. (Quelle horreur?) We hold your table for 15minutes from the time of your booking. After that we call it a No Show - and No Shows are charged at AED300 per person.
Why not come earlier? Our bar is open at 8pm so please join us for pre-dinner aperitifs and greet your party in style as they arrive.
You know we love to please, so let us know of any changes to the size of your party, or arrival time. Call us and we'll do our best to fit you in.

Valet Parking
Please drop off and pick up your car at the front of the Fairmont Hotel, facing SheikhZayed Road.

Dress Code
Be Bagatelle and throw on something smart-chic. Please remember, traditional dress only until midnight.

Age Restrictions
Please be aware that guests must be 21 or older to enjoy our lounge and bar area. (Bien sûr.) And children, aged 7 to 15 are welcome in the restaurant before 10pm.